Interview with the girls of MPress
Mpress was the opening act for Britney Spears's HBO Concert in Las Vegas!

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Gleft to right: Zoraida, Marissa, Laurenirly Nation: How do you keep your hair so shiny and healthy?
Marissa: I wash my hair every three days, it's really good for the oils and everything.
Lauren: Take a multivitamin everyday.
Zoraida: And there are William Whatley products... he does our hair

Girly Nation: What's the best beauty tip you've ever received?
Marissa: Drink lots of water
Lauren: Don't touch your face

Girly Nation: What does your favorite outfit consist of?
Marissa: Mine would be a really really low cut jeans, stiletto heels, and a little top
Lauren: Mine would be really low jeans..My favorite jeans in the world are my Levi's, the low rise ones, really tight fitting and really long, and backless shoes and I don't know, like a cute top
Zoraida: I kinda like whatever looks good, just as long as I have a belly ring to match. I probably have like 15 belly rings.

Girly Nation: If you could work with another artist, who would it be?
Marissa: Brian McKnight
Lauren: Missy Elliot
Marissa: ooh there's so many!
Zoraida: I think Madonna!

Girly Nation: Have you been able to spend time with Britney?
All: No we haven't, we haven't met her before actually.

Girly Nation: What are the essential elements in your makeup bag?
Marissa: Concealer-Estee Lauder, Foundation, Powder, Mascara and Lipgloss...
Lauren: Concealer-MAC, eyeshadow, like shimmery eyeshadow, OH! And MAC Lipglass...Face Bronzers
Zoraida: Liquid Eyeliner!
Marissa: She can't live without her liquid eyeliner
Zoraida: I use L'oreal--it's the one in the tube with the long stick in the little brush it's not the one that you have to shake to apply.

Girly Nation: Are you planning on watching the Harry Potter movie?
All: Oh yes!!!

Girly Nation: Are you a big Harry Potter fan?
All: Oh yes, huge!

Girly Nation: Have you wanted to be a pop star all your life or did it just hit you one day?
Lauren: I've always wanted to sing.
Marissa: Same here.
Zoraida: I've always wanted to sing, dance, act...whatever just gets me out there entertaining people.

Girly Nation: Would you rather go on tour in Europe or in the United States?
Marissa: Everywhere!
Lauren: Both!
Marissa: They're both two really different places and the fans are different too. We've done a little bit around here so far, so we definitely want to go to Europe now. Europe is great!

Girly Nation: Who does your makeup and hair or do you do it yourself?
Lauren: It depends--if it's a really big show, we have somebody come in and do it for us. But if it's a small show like a mall show or we're doing stuff around our hometown we do our hair and makeup. Like today, we did our own makeup
So it depends on what kind of show we're doing

Girly Nation: It's so great that you're opening or Britney during her HBO concert. What does it feel life to have such an amazing opportunity?
Marissa: It's incredible!
Lauren: It's awesome! We're so excited! It's such an honor to be able to do that.

Girly Nation: Are you nervous for that?
Marissa: Yes. Well, Lauren doesn't get nervous that much. Well, she gets nervous, but it's more like adrenaline.
Lauren: But Zoraida gets nervous, she's just like "oh my gosh!"
But I'm just telling her "it's going to be ok..."
Zoraida: The minute the music starts, the nervousness goes away, it turns into adrenaline onstage. It's very very exciting!

Girly Nation: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Lauren: Any and every mall how about that?
Marissa: Detour, Bebe, I'm a Bebe person!
Zoraida: She is Bebe all the way!
Lauren: I like designer boutiques. Versace...I like to get things like that every now and then.
Zoraida: Mine is Electronics Boutique!

Girly Nation: What game systems do you have?
Zoraida: I have Playstation 2, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1 and the Game Boy Advance.

Girly Nation: What has been your favorite city to perform so far?
Marissa: We went to Monte Carlo once, in Monaco,and that was really was in front of Prince Albert, Kevin Costner. That was probably my favorite one. and also LA, mine would probably be LA, and here [in Las Vegas], we were performing here back in March.

Girly Nation: Do you have any pets?
Lauren: Yes!! I have a dog and a bird. I have a dog name Suzy, it's a shitzu. It's about 10 years old, so she's really old, but she's really cute and fat, but she moves really cute and it's so adorable! and my bird's name is Sasha.
Zoraida: I actually have a toy maltese that my family has and takes care of back home.

Girly Nation: What do you like to do when you're on the road?
Marissa: I like to work out, and read and listen to music, and buy magazines, and shop!
Zoraida: I like playing Playstation and reading.

Girly Nation: Do you have a special pre-show ritual?
Marissa: we have a lot of pre show rituals! We sing Wild Thing--acapella, of course. We like beatboxing and everything....and we pray.
Lauren: we drink a lot of energy drinks. Yeah, I have one, my favorite one is Bawls.
Marissa: Haha! We had this interview today, and Lauren was like "yeah, we drink Bawls"
Lauren: Then I said "Yea, and the bottle's blue!" But then I knew it would be taken wrong, so I was like "It's spelt B-A-W-L-S all you dirty minds out there!!" So it was like, "PG version--Milk and Cookies!"
MPress also let us hear their pre-show cheer, you can listen to it here:
To hear MPress sing their pre-ritual cheer, click here!